Advantages and disadvantages of badminton towel glue?


The advantage of badminton hand towel glue is that it a […]

The advantage of badminton hand towel glue is that it absorbs sweat, and the palm fits well. It is comfortable to use and not easy to get rid of it. The shortcoming is that the service life is short, it will become hard after a long time, the hand hurts, and it is easy to be dirty, and must be replaced in time. Because the towel rubber has a short service life, it must be replaced regularly, and you must learn how to entangle it. Wrap the towel glue to pay attention to the uniformity, otherwise it is easy to slide, you must be stable and sturdy.

The towel glue should start from the bottom of the handle. After the bottom layer is wrapped up, the top layer will be pulled up to form a misalignment. Then, the circle will be wound around the circle, and the towel glue that just does not cover the front will prevail. The direction of the towel glue can be in the direction of your habit, clockwise and counterclockwise. Wrap the sealant on the port after wrapping it.