Backhand serve


The characteristics of the backhand serve are small mov […]

The characteristics of the backhand serve are small movements, quick delivery, and difficult to judge. This serve technique is often used in doubles competitions.
Serving stations Standing 10 to 50 centimeters after the front service line and near the center of the teeing ground, you can also stand near the front tee line and the edge of the court (in the doubles match, you can see it from the right field zone).
Prepare a posture For the net, stand with both feet in front and back (left or right foot can be in front). The upper body is slightly forward and the body is centered on the front foot. Right hand backhand grip, left thumb, forefinger and middle finger hold the ball's two or three feathers, the ball is clearly downwards (to avoid foul), the ball and the racket face in parallel or the ball placed on the racket face in front of the racket. Serving Tips When hitting the ball, the arm pushes the wrist forward and pushes it forward. When the ball is made before the net, the force should be light, mainly rely on "cut" to send; when the fast ball is made, the force must be sudden, and when the ball is hit, there must be a "back pressure" action.