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In the badminton game, the men's doubles game is the mo […]

In the badminton game, the men's doubles game is the most eye-catching, fast and powerful. Here are the doubles game rules for the badminton game rules:
1. The start of a game and the right to serve each time should be served from the right teeing area.
2. Only the receiving player can receive the serve; if his partner receives the ball or is touched by the ball, the serving party must score one point.
3. After the volley of the volleyball is hit, the ball is hit by any one of the players and then hit by any one of the receivers.
4. After the return of the volleyball, the athlete can hit the ball from anywhere on the respective side of the net.
5. When the receiver receives an illegal ball or the ball hits the ground in the receiver's field area, the server will score one point and the original player will continue to serve.
6. If the server violates the law or if the ball touches the ground in the service area, the player will lose the ball and the player will score.
7. Athletes who start the first serve in each round must serve or receive the serve in the right serve area when their score is 0 or even. When the score is odd, they should serve or receive the serve in the left serve area.
8. Athletes who receive the first serve at the beginning of each game must receive or serve at the right serve area when the team scores 0 or double. When the score is odd, they should serve or serve at the left serve area. .
9. The above two opposite forms of station are used by their companions.
10. If there is a rematch, take the total score of the local side of the council and place it in accordance with rules 5.1 to 5.3.
11. The serve must be issued alternately from the two teeing areas.
12. After the first player in any game loses the right to serve, the first player receives the serve from the board, then serves by the first player to receive the player, then serves by one of their opponents, and then the other serves. So pass the right to serve.
13. Athletes must not have the wrong order of serving and the order of receiving the ball, or receive the ball twice in succession in the same game.
14. Any player in a game may serve first in the next game, and any player in the negative may receive the serve first.

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