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How to choose the appropriate badminton based on the pe […]

How to choose the appropriate badminton based on the performance parameters of the badminton?
The general principle is that the player with small strength chooses to shoot soft, that is, the score is low and light, and the offensive selection is harder. The higher the control performance score, the better. The higher the score in the list, the harder the shot, the better the ball control performance, and the easier it is to hit the ball with great strength.
Is the badminton racket the more expensive the better?
Generally speaking, the price of the badminton is related to his materials, craftsmanship and brand. The new model is generally more expensive, and usually the price will drop a lot after a while. In general, the expensive badminton is mainly used by professional players, not necessarily for amateurs, and it is difficult for ordinary amateurs to feel the slight difference between different models. So the main thing is to pick one that you are most comfortable with instead of just looking at the price. Of course, if you don't consider the price factor and you have to pay for it, you may want to keep up with the latest.