carbon fiber


The carbon fiber material is made of some organic fiber […]

The carbon fiber material is made of some organic fibers (such as nylon wire, acrylic fiber, rayon, etc.), and the organic fiber is combined with the plastic resin, placed in a rare gas, and carbonized at a high temperature and high pressure of 2000-3000 degrees. Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material, generally used in aviation, military, etc., English carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber is a high-strength fiber that is as soft as a rope and is cured by bonding with a resin matrix. The ratio of the resin is generally 38%----57%, and the higher the resin content, the worse the performance of the tennis racket and the cheaper the price. There are also resin content of less than 34%, this type of tennis racket is a professional game racket, the price is very expensive. Commonly used resins are: polyester, epoxy resin, thermoplastic resin, etc. Among them, epoxy-based carbon fiber tennis rackets have the best performance, several times higher performance than other resin-based ones, and the racket price is also the highest. The professional game racket is made of epoxy-based carbon fiber prepreg with 34% epoxy resin and 66% carbon fiber. i There is no 100% carbon fiber tennis racket, because it can't be formed at all, it is a business lie.