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With the 35-year-old Malaysian veteran Lee Chong Wei de […]

With the 35-year-old Malaysian veteran Lee Chong Wei defeated Chen Long in straight sets in two inning, the Hong Kong Badminton Open in 2017 season also ended, which means that this season's BWF Super Series only remain in the December 13 to 17 Day finals in Dubai, UAE. In the 12 Super Series this year which has ended, Guoyu has won only two titles in the men's singles and has won the lowest number of championships in a single season since 2007.

2017 is the first full season since the Rio Olympics and an important year for all teams to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. For Gu Yu, the team's "management" experienced a big earthquake by the end of April. Li Yongbo resigned as the head coach of the China badminton team. The national team no longer has the position of head coach and deputy head coach. Xia Zhaisei replaced Guoyu singles group Coach. In fact, before the official announcement, Guoyu performed well in the men's singles series of the Super Series. Shi Yuqi reached the finals in the All-England Open just losing to Lee Chong Wei while Lin Dan defeated the "old rival" Lee Chong Wei at the Malaysian Open. Win the championship.

Who can think of Gu Yu in the Super Series next men's singles champion will be held on November 19 at the China Open? Or since the state since the Rio Olympic Games has been ups and downs, and inexplicably fans criticized Chen Long got it. In this year's World Championships, the National Games, and many open games, even admitting that they are still lacking momentum is still struggling to adjust Chen Long, fighting three consecutive battles Shi Yuqi, Sun End tiger and Anselon, harvest a long absence Champion.

However, the annual Super Series 12 stop, Guotai also received only a total of these two men's singles champion, which is the history of the series since the World Series was founded in 2007, a record low, after 2010 and 2016 Feather single season harvest men's singles champions are three. Despite helping Gui Yu win the men's singles championship, Lindane and Chen Long have different fates on the points chart that leads to the Dubai Finals. Super Dan ranked only 16th and two weeks ago, Shenlong, who ranked 20th only, relied on Guan Ya in the China Open and the Hong Kong Open to break into the top eight at the last minute to be able to play side by side with Shi Yuqi. The remaining six were Sun Wanhu, Sri Lanka Canterbury, Lee Chong Wei, Zhou Tiancheng, Ng Ka Long and An Sai Long.

In the direct list of Dubai through the end of the end of the tiger and Anselon deserve a special one to say. On the world rankings list, South Korea's Sun End Tiger replaced Lee Chong-wai's career for the first time on May 25, and has been the top spot since June 8, shortly after he returned to the top spot in the ensuing week. In the second half of the day, Danish trainer Anselon was the only man to pull it off. However, due to inflammation of the right foot and little toe in the Hong Kong Open referee, Anselon almost lost his eligibility for the Finals.

In fact, the highlight of this year's Super Series is the sudden rise of India's men's singles in three consecutive races in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, with the men's singles champion being Indian players, including the Singapore Open In the Indian Civil War, while in the Danish Open and the French Open, Scriknds was reelected, making him one of the top four races in 12 races. Before the Indian women's singles in the world have a place in the badminton, and now their men's singles can not be ignored.

From the unfinished 2017 season, Lee Chong Wei is still "old and strong", Anselon and Sri Lanka also already have a very competitive. Do not forget that there are banned comeback is only temporarily returned to the Super Series Japan hand Tae Hyundai, lifting the ban since the beginning of the race back in July this year, he entered the final six consecutive race finals, won five consecutive games of Champion, his world rankings have also reached the top 50. For Guodie men's singles, both the new season of 2018 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will still face extremely serious challenges. (Amber)

Attached 2017 through the Dubai Finals men's singles chart top eight:

1, Sun End Tiger (South Korea) 62,980 points

2, Sri Lanka (India) 59500 points

3, Shi Yuqi (China) 54380 points

4, Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) 54260 points

5, Zhou Tiancheng (Chinese Taipei) 54110 points

6, Ng Ka Long (Hong Kong, China) 51400 points

7, Chen Long (China) 49280 points

8, Anselon (Denmark) 49050 points