Beijing Amateur Badminton Finals finals have been held for 10 consecutive years


"Oriental Garden Cup" 2017 Beijing Amateur Badminton Op […]

"Oriental Garden Cup" 2017 Beijing Amateur Badminton Open Finals Yesterday, Yanshan Sports Center Stadium closed. Ultimately, the leader Zhen Yu Club, Beijing Jin grass team won the elite group and amateur team championship.

Organized by Beijing Sports Competition Management Center and hosted by Beijing Badminton Association, the competition has been held continuously for 10 years. This year's event has a total of seven stations races and year-end finals, is the largest amateur badminton tournament in Beijing. From May 28 to November 11 this year, through the efforts of the sponsors of Long Sifang, Bett, Berlin Han, Jian Long Sen, Le Yu Era, Chang Ping Gymnasium and Jingtu Bo Yi, More than 100 teams fierce competition, the participation of more than 4,000 people, eventually a total of 24 teams broke into the year-end finals, of which 16 general group, the elite group of eight. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhou Zhihui, secretary general of Beijing Badminton Association; Wang Pinxi, secretary general of Beijing Sports Federation; Li Guoli, director of Beijing Yanshan Sports Center; Liu Zhenlong, minister of management of Beijing Sports Competition Management Center; Sun Peng, a vice president of the Beijing Badminton Association, Sun Jinying and Zhang Beizhong attended the award ceremony for the winners.