Daily badminton racket maintenance


1. Most racquets are now carbon materials. However, car […]

1. Most racquets are now carbon materials. However, carbon racquets are very brittle, so be sure to avoid collisions. Especially in doubles, the tempo between companions is easy to encounter. Sometimes, after a collision, I couldn't see it at the time, but there was hidden damage inside the tempo, and it was easy to break under a certain impact in the future.
2, pay attention to check the feather line frequently, if there is serious hair growth or cracks, replace it in time, do not wait until the feather line is broken before replacing, if the line is broken, it is best to cut the line immediately, so as to avoid the uneven force of the racket frame. Deformation. However, do not pull out the wire immediately to prevent the plastic on the buttonhole from being lost.
3, find some thready shop to thread, do not underestimate the technology of threading, the life of the racket, the feeling of playing is absolutely different! The method of pulling the wire to the end is the most common. It is called the two-point threading method. It is easy to draw the line with the hook, it is quickly broken, and it is easy to drop the pound and the thread. YY uses the 4-point threading method. There are 4 knots, which are worn horizontally and vertically. Pull the vertical line first and pull it up from the top of the racket. Without the hooks, the life of the wire is significantly longer and it is not easy to lose weight and trace. The horizontal line pressure is 10% higher than the vertical line, which is generally two pounds. It is best not to draw more than 1.2 times the recommended pounds on the racket.
4, to adjust the posture of the shot, try to make each ball hit the sweet spot of the racket, if the ball hit the frame, plus the power of the swing is large, it is easy to be interrupted.
5, a friend who loves sweating, it is recommended to change the sweat band once a month or two. After each shot, it is best to take the racket out and put it in a ventilated place to let the skin dry naturally.
6, the racket can not be placed in high temperature, humid places, to prevent overheating or too cold. Overheating is easy to deform, and too cold will be broken due to being too brittle. For example, when it is hot, don't put it in the trunk of the car for a long time. Don't put it on the radiator in winter, and don't play outside when the outside temperature is very low.
Finally, remind everyone that whenever you want to use your racket as your weapon, you can't live without it. It can't do without you, have feelings with each other, so that you can play well and you can cherish your racket. I think that. It is the best way to maintain badminton rackets.