Forehand serve


Serve stations, singles serve near the center line, sta […]

Serve stations, singles serve near the center line, standing about 1 meter from the former service line. Doubles serving stations can be near the front line.
Prepare your posture, body left shoulder to the net, left foot in front, right foot in the back, the center of gravity on the right foot, holding the right hand to the right rear lift, elbow relax pliant, left thumb, index finger and middle finger grip The ball is raised between the chest and abdomen. When serving, the body's center of gravity moves from his right foot to his left foot.
With a forehand serve, regardless of the arc of the ball, the posture before the serve should be the same, which will make it difficult for the opponent to receive the ball.
The following is a description of the technical actions of sending four different arc balls with a forehand serve.