New rules for badminton


Each game reaches 14 levels (10 women's singles) first […]

Each game reaches 14 levels (10 women's singles) first to 14 points (10 points for women's singles). One can add 3 points (to hit 17 points, 13 points for women's singles) or not (to score 15 points). 11 points for women's singles, and only this one chance. The current scoring system remains unchanged. For men's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles, when one of the first 15 points is reached, the referee will have to rest for 90 seconds.
In the 11 points of the women's singles, there will be 6 points for the first time. As above. A maximum of 90 seconds of rest is allowed between the first and second rounds. Between the second and third rounds, a maximum of 5 minutes of rest is allowed. According to the rules, in each round, both parties can request a timeout of 30 seconds at any time.

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