Serve technology


Flat high ball This is a ball that is lower than the hi […]

Flat high ball
This is a ball that is lower than the high ball, faster and faster, and has a certain aggressiveness.
Serve action essentials Prepare posture before serving. The action of the serve is roughly the same as the high ball, but at the moment of hitting the ball, the arm accelerates and pushes the wrist forward and upward, and the face is tilted forward and upward to force forward. When leveling the high ball, pay attention to the arc of the ball. It is better to stretch the ball when the opponent catches the ball. It should be sent to the bottom line of the opponent's field.
Flat ball
This ball is lower and faster than the arc of the flat ball. In an opponent who has a slower reaction, a higher position, a larger range of motion, or a beginner, the effect is often good.
The essentials of the serve are also prepared to pose as high as the ball. The station is later than the flat highball (the opponent will quickly return to the backcourt of the party) to make full use of the forearm to drive the explosive force of the wrist to the front, the ball directly over the shoulder of the other side, the direct attack on the opponent's backcourt. The key to flattening the fast ball is that the action of the shot should be small and fast, but the pre-action should be consistent with the high ball. When you flatten the fast ball, you should also be careful not to overhand or cross the waist.
The net before the net is the main teeing technique used in the doubles. In a singles game, if you send a high ball, you are afraid of being attacked directly by the opponent's ball speed; or in order to actively change the way the ball is used to mobilize the opponent.
Serve action essentials Prepare a pose with a high ball. When hitting the ball, the grip should be relaxed, the arm movement should be small, and the wrist should be driven forward by the small arm, and the force should be light. When sending the net before the ball, you should pay attention to the wrist can not have the action of picking up. In addition, the drop point should be near the front serve line, and the ball should be posted on the net, which can avoid being culled by the other party.