Smart badminton racket.


The intelligent badminton racket means that a smart chi […]

The intelligent badminton racket means that a smart chip is added inside the racket handle, and all the data of the swing is perceived by the high-speed motion capture technology, and is recorded by connecting the mobile phone APP or the computer, for example, the strength, speed, angle of the face, and the beat of the swing. The ball point also has the function of data analysis, which can analyze the type of hitting, such as forehand and backhand.
The significance of intelligent badminton racket is not only the function of data collection and analysis, but also as a personal sports coach to help improve the ball skills. The professional data can analyze the inadequacies of your playing, such as the timing of the force is not right, the angle of the ball Deviation, etc., allows you to train in a targeted manner to achieve the goal of improving the game.
The computer software of the intelligent badminton racket can even generate three-dimensional graphics of the swing process to accurately record the trajectory of the swing, while the content of the mobile version is relatively simple and intuitive, with a single mode and a stadium mode to choose from, simple and practical.