Technical points of badminton force


The question of how to play badminton is not only an ur […]

The question of how to play badminton is not only an urgent need for all badminton beginners, but also a lot of senior enthusiasts who have played for many years.
I want to play the ball with strength and speed, which is related to many problems, but the most critical factor, I think there are 3 points. Master these three points, even if the other aspects are not enough, you can play a ball with speed and threat.
First, relax
Just before playing, the body must relax and be in a state of being ready to go. In this relaxation, the most important thing is the relaxation of the wrist, the wrist is relaxed, the fingers will naturally relax, and the tempo will not be tightly held, so that during the swinging process, the movement can not be rigid, and the position can be obtained.
In addition to the relaxation of the wrist, the body should also relax, and the arm should not be lifted as straight as the stick, so the swing motion is difficult to get in place. The waist and legs should be relaxed, and it is difficult to exert strength when tightened.
Second, accelerate the swing
The action of the swing must be a sudden movement. The process of swinging is a process of speeding up the swing. It must have explosive power and cannot be slowly swung out. The faster you swing, the more you hit the ball.
If you look at the game, you will find that the master is very calm and the action is rhythmic. The moment of hitting the ball must be suddenly accelerated, instead of always moving in a rhythm.
Third, flash wrist
This is the essence of badminton action and the most critical part of the force. The so-called "flash wrist" is like a scorpion whip. After smashing out, the wrist should suddenly stop, instead of continuing to follow the direction of the swing.
This pause will make the ball's initial speed extremely fast, and will slow down after crossing the opponent and will not be out of bounds. The master's ball is fast but not out of bounds. This is the truth.
As long as you can master these 3 points, even if the pace is not in place, the swing is not enough, the hitting point is not high enough, etc., you can also play a quality ball.