The company pays the social endowment insurance for all the employees.

The annual occupational sickness post regular medical examination,

once a year, all the staff travels outside the country.

The usual holidays are in accordance with the state regulations and holidays.

The activities are often held such as the 38 Women's Day Climbing, Wait

Enterprise's goal :

Based on the sports industry, make Chengxing Sports be a "Chinese brand" business.

Business philosophy: high-quality, excellent raw materials, fine craftsmanship, clever design, good service.

High-quality: quality is the lifeline of enterprises. High quality means that we will strictly control the quality and prevent even a non-conforming product entering the market.

Excellent raw materials: high-quality raw materials is the guarantee of high-quality products. Excellent raw materials means that high-quality suppliers are our long-term partners.

Precise technique: Precise technology means high quality. Fine crafts means superb technology, standard processes.

Ingenious design: the continued vitality of the product requires continuous innovation of enterprises. Ingenious design means product cost control and innovation.

Good service: service is the soft power of business competition. Good service means prompt delivery, customer satisfaction.

Culture advocated by the company:

Culture of working: daily work plans, and promptly completed;

Work style: proactive, quick and cautious; plan does not mean the result, said not equal to done, the ability does not mean performance. Finish does not mean well.

Employment culture: the company does not like the staffs who do not obey the leadership work arrangements and haggle over every ounce in the work. The company has no relatives, migrant workers, only professional staff (workers); talented people to be bold to use, virtuous people to educate the use of talented people to resolutely not.

Leaders of culture: the leaders whose words and deeds can not be as an model of employees, can not deal with the problem for staffs in time are not qualified leaders; the leaders who only do by themselves and can not lead the team are not qualified leadership; people without the bosom, preoccupied with personal gains and losses, shirk its responsibility are not qualified leadership.

Product manufacturing culture: without qualified staff, it will not create qualified products; production must be safe which our first benefit; without 6S site management, it is not a standardized factory; quality, cost, delivery, continuous optimization of efficiency are the goals of each employees in our production team.

Innovation is the life of the enterprise, management is the eternal topic of the enterprise.