The benefits of playing badminton


Badminton is suitable for men, women and children. The […]

Badminton is suitable for men, women and children. The amount of exercise can be determined according to the individual's age, physical fitness, exercise level, and site environment. Adolescents can be used as an effective means to promote growth and improve physical function. Exercise should be moderate in intensity, and the activity time should be 40-50 minutes. A proper amount of badminton can promote the growth of adolescents and heighten their mental quality, such as self-confidence, bravery, and decisiveness. The elderly and the infirm may be trained as a method of health rehabilitation. The amount of exercise should be relatively small. The activity time should be 20-30 minutes. It should achieve the purpose of sweating, bending, and stretching the joints, thereby enhancing the cardiovascular and nervous system. The function of preventing and treating diseases in the elderly cardiovascular and nervous system. Children can exercise as an active game method and let them run and jump in the sun.
Long-term badminton training can make the heartbeat strong and powerful, increase lung capacity, and increase endurance. In addition, badminton requires the practitioner to make judgments on the ever-changing course of the ball in a short time, and to counterattack decisively, therefore, it can improve the sensitivity and coordination of the human nervous system.

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