Badminton referee rules


1 The referee is fully responsible for the competition. […]

1 The referee is fully responsible for the competition.
2 Referee Hosts a match and manages the venue and its surroundings. The referee is responsible to the referee; when no referee is available, he is responsible to the contest manager.
3 Serve referee is responsible for serving a serve offense (rule 3).
4 lineman is responsible for judging the world or world outside the ball.
5 referees should maintain and implement the "badminton competition rules" in a timely manner to pronounce "illegal" or "re-serve" and so on.
6 The referee should make a ruling before the next serve.
7 The referee should allow the athlete and the audience to understand the progress of the game.
8 referees may consult with the referee, arrange, replace the sergeant or serving referee.
9 The referee can not reverse the decision of the lineman and serving referee on the facts.
10.1 In the absence of a referee, the referee shall make arrangements for the non-performing duties.
10.2 When a judge on the spot can not make a judgment, the referee shall perform his duties or "re-serve."
11 The referee has the right to suspend the match.
12 The referee should record the situation and report to the referee.
13 The referee shall refer all representations relating to the rules only to the Chief Referee (such representations must be made by the athlete before the next serve is struck; at the end of a game, it shall be made before leaving the court).