Chen Long missed 2 lows of Guodian Men's Singles in Lin Dan lightweight finals


With the 35-year-old Malaysian veteran Li Chongwei defeating Chen Long in straight sets, the 2017 Hong Kong Badminton Open is over. This means that this season’s Pizza Hut Super Series will only stay in the UAE from December 13th to 17th. The final held in Dubai. In the 12 super series that have ended this year, Guoyu has won the men's singles championship in one fell swoop since 2007, and won the lowest championship in a single season in one fell swoop.

2017 is the first full season since the Rio Olympics, and it is also an important year for all teams to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. For Gu Yu, the "management" of this team experienced a major earthquake before the end of April. Li Yongbo resigned as the head coach of the Chinese badminton team. The national team no longer has the positions of head coach and deputy coach. Xia Suixi replaced Guoyu's singles coach. In fact, before the official announcement, Guo Yu performed well in the Super Series Men's Singles Series. Shi Yuqi reached the final at the All England Open and lost to Li Chongwei. Lin Dan defeated his "old rival" Li Chongwei at the Malaysia Open and won the championship.

Who would have thought that Gu Yu would win the Super Series Men's Singles Championship at the China Open on November 19? Or since the Rio Olympics, the country has been ups and downs, and inexplicable fans criticized Chen Long for getting it. In this year's World Championships, the National Games and many open competitions, even if he admits that he still lacks motivation, he is still trying to adjust Chen Long, winning Shi Yuqi, Sun Enhu and Ansel in three consecutive wars, winning long-lost championships.

However, in the 12 Super Series each year, Cathay Pacific only won the total of these two men's singles championships. This is the historical low of the series' history series since its inception in 2007. The feathers were harvested in a single season in 2010 and 2016. There are three men's singles champions. Despite helping Gui Yu win the men's singles championship, Lin Dan and Chen Long have different fates in the standings leading to the Dubai final. The super ranking was only 16th and two weeks ago, the 20th Shenlong with Guan Ya broke into the top eight at the last minute of the China Tennis Open and Hong Kong Open, weeping. The remaining six are Sun Wanhu, Canterbury, Sri Lanka, Li Chongwei, Zhou Tiancheng, Wu Jialong, and Ansailong.


In Dubai's direct list, the end of Tiger and Anselson should have a special statement. In the world rankings, South Korea’s Sun End Tiger replaced Lee Chongwei’s career for the first time on May 25, and he has become the number one shortly after returning to the top of the list on June 8. In the second half of the year, Danish coach Anseron was the only one to cancel it. However, due to inflammation of the right foot and little toe of the referee at the Hong Kong Open, Anselon almost lost his qualification for the finals.

In fact, the highlight of this year’s Super Series is the sudden rise of Indian men’s singles in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia in three consecutive matches. The men’s singles champions are Indian players, including the Singapore Open, the Danish Open and the French Open in the Indian Civil War. In the match, Scrix was re-elected and ranked in the top four in 12 games. In the world, Indian women's singles had a place before badminton, and now men's singles cannot be ignored.

From the perspective of the never-completed 2017 season, Li Zongwei is still “do something in the old age”, and Anselon and Sri Lanka have also possessed strong competitiveness. Don’t forget that the ban on comeback is only to temporarily return to the Japanese hand Taekwondo modern super series. Since the start of the game in July this year, he has entered the final six consecutive games and won five consecutive games, and his world ranking has also reached the previous 50 people. For the National Olympic men's singles, the 2018 new season and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will still face extremely severe challenges. (Amber)

The top eight of the men's singles list in the Dubai Finals:

1.Sun Malho (South Korea) 62980 points
2.Sri Lanka (India) 59500 points
3.Shi Yuqi (China) 54380 points
4.Li Chongwei (Malaysia) 54260 points
5.Zhou Tiancheng (Chinese Taipei) 54110 points
6.Wu Jialong (Hong Kong, China) 51400 points
7.Chen Long (China) 49280 points
8.Anseron (Denmark) 49,050 points