Introduction of badminton service rules


1. Any party in the service of the service is not allow […]

1. Any party in the service of the service is not allowed to delay the service illegally;
2, The players and the players must stand in the diagonally opposite service area to serve and return, do not touch the foot line tee; feet must have a part in contact with the ground, do not move, until the ball out;
3, The player's racket must first hit the ball, while the whole ball is lower than the server's waist.
4. At the moment of hitting the ball, the racket bar should be pointed below, so that the whole head is obviously lower than the whole clapping hand of the server.
5. After the service begins, the player's racket must be waved continuously until the ball is sent out.
6, A ball must be upward flight over the net, if not by the intercept, the receiver should fall to serve in the region.
7, Once the players stand in good position, the first wave of the racket head of the player is the start of the service.
8, The player shall be ready to serve in the receiver, if the receiver has to serve is considered to have been ready.
9. Once the serve begins, the ball is touched or landed by the racket of the server as the end of the serve.
10, Doubles players or players, hair companion stance is not limited, but may not obstruct each other players or players sight.

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