The benefits of playing badminton


First, Badminton, like basketball, tennis, table tennis […]

First, Badminton, like basketball, tennis, table tennis, is a relatively strong physical activity, technology accounts for 40%, physical strength accounted for 60%, even if it is freezing, a ball hit the whole body will sweat, the spring even more powerful, The role of the body to adjust and balance, promote metabolism, to prevent cardiovascular disease, physical health is very useful.
Second, detoxification beauty. Long-term play badminton gay fat less, walk easily, people become younger. Sweating every day to excrete body toxins, gp benefits to prevent gout.
Third, treatment of cervical (shoulder) disease. Participate in badminton, to coordinate the mobilization of the shoulder with his hand, desperate to take the ball, your head to lift, shoulder to move, insist on playing more than an hour a day, bone hyperplasia is difficult to form. Therefore, cervical, shoulder hard to produce.
Fourth, exercise eyesight. Playing badminton your eyes to follow the ball turn, where the ball, where the eyes, a look near, a look far, a look high, not only the body is moving, but also the eyes are turning, so that the eye in the natural movement , And gradually improve vision.
Fifth, lose weight gain weight. There are many comrades who did not play before and the general belly stood still. Few comrades are too thin, poor diet, after playing, fat lost, thin fat. A garter attends a month, the stomach is small, the body felt strong, strong, not a virtual constitution.
Sixth, enhance friendship. Do not know each other before entering the meeting, work in their respective positions. Through association activities, playing games, gathering, dancing, we all know each other, understand each other's character, really from comrades to friends to brothers and sisters, the real club, friendship and friendship.
Seven, improve skills. Before entering the club will only play the game of baseball, even the hair is bad, not to mention the ball, hook ball, rub the ball, push the ball, lob the ball. Now listening to lectures online, the Association organized lectures, through competitions, stimulate skills training, members learn from each other and work together to raise a number of high-level players.
Eight, happy entertainment. Health experts say: Laugh three times a day, the spirit of the people comfortable and promote internal organs activities are very good. Li Peijun Chinese family speaking: To set up a shouting club, you can rule out turbidity, evil. As long as badminton is played, a ball down, to laugh more than ten times, people's feelings remain happy.
Nine, physically sensitive. Players are full of energy, fine Road, flexible body, extremities diligent, playing badminton, the body joints are used on the bones, to take the pumping combination, the square ball, around the hook ball, varied, so that the body flexible .
Ten, brain by Zengzhi. Badminton staff to brains play, not brains, is called play first hit brain, to study each other's weaknesses, deadly place, due to people, people-oriented, adhere to I as the center, take the initiative as a driving force, fast as a magic weapon to Win by confidence.