What is the advantage of playing badminton often?


Badminton is a can let the human eyes, hands, body exer […]

Badminton is a can let the human eyes, hands, body exercise sports, it is very appropriate. Whether there are rules of the badminton competition or as a general fitness activities are constantly moving, jumping, turning, swing on the ground, reasonable use of various strokes and footwork will return to strike the ball, thereby increasing the upper and lower limbs and waist muscle strength, speed up your blood circulation, enhance the function of cardiovascular system and respiratory system.
Exercise exercise requires the use of wrist and arm grip and swing, and full motion of the ankle, knee and hip joints, make sliding, jab steps and lunges and other gait, so for the muscles and joints exercise is also very good. In the process of picking up the ball and catching the ball, the muscles of the waist and abdomen can be fully exercised.
The American College Sports Medicine Association (ACSM) has proposed that for the purpose of losing weight all over the body, we should do more than 30 minutes a day, with a heart rate of 120 to 160 times per minute. According to statistics, the heart rate of the high-intensity badminton players can reach 160-180 times per minute, the median heart rate can reach 140-150 times per minute, and the heart rate of low intensity exercise can also reach 100-130 times per minute. For the ordinary badminton enthusiasts, this is exactly the equivalent of a low - intensity singles game. Therefore, the long-term exercise of badminton, weight loss effect is also very significant. The long-term exercise of badminton can make the heartbeat strong and powerful, increase the vital capacity and improve the endurance.
Badminton is suitable for men and women, old and young, exercise can be based on individual characteristics of age, physical fitness, sports level and environment and. Young people can exercise as an effective means to promote growth and improve their physical function. The exercise should be medium strength, and the time of activity is 40-50 minutes. The right amount of badminton can promote the growth of young people, and can cultivate young people's good psychological quality, such as self-confidence, bravery and determination. The elderly and infirm can be used for health care and rehabilitation exercise, exercise should be small, activity time to 20-30 minutes, to the sweating, curved waist, stretch the joints and thus enhance the cardiovascular and nervous system function, prevention and treatment of senile cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. Children can be used as an active game method to exercise, let them run and jump in the sunlight, and ask them to hit the ball, so as to train them to be fearless of difficulties, not afraid of hardships and unwilling to lag behind.
Badminton can improve people's physique in an all-round way. Fast moving front, back shot back to smash, passive when a save, doubles all need to practice hitting transposition has better power quality, speed endurance, agility, flexibility and quick response ability. Need the strength on both sides of the smash; pull round, in order to gain the initiative to have faster speed, endurance and stamina; in a save when (mostly passive situation) also need to have good agility and flexibility; and the need to react with the ability to judge fast doubles. Therefore, often engaged in the sports activities can develop human body flexibility, coordination, can improve the lower limbs and trunk people activities, improve the respiratory system and cardiovascular system function, improve the ability of aerobic and anaerobic energy supply, regulate the nervous system and improve its anti acid ability, and can play to improve health, disease resistance Fangshuai, regulating the function of spirit. And it's very good for our body.